Mill Neck

Expansive Patio and Pool House
With stunning views of several acres of green space and glistening blue waters of Beaver Lake Dam, this home owner presented us with a stunning exterior design backyard renovation and interior design project. Since the entry point of the backyard was the formal dining room we began there. We designed and installed new lighting, table, furnishings, draperies and custom built in cabinetry and created a seamless transition to the adjacent covered veranda. On the veranda, which opened to a newly renovate oversized patio, we added heating, TV and cozy couches.
For the expansive patio we used outdoor woven material and natural tones to create an upbeat renovation. we used swivel chairs, beautiful and durable upholstery and outdoor carpeting. We designed several unique places of comfort on the patio that would be used individually or as one expansive deck area for large gatherings. We installed an outdoor kitchen with bar style seating, a family style table farm table with seating for ten, a fire pit area with near by hot tub and a secluded seating area with sectionals and a stone fireplace.
From the luxury patio, a beautiful stoned staircase lead the way to to pool house and pool. So the stunning views of the nature and bay could be enjoyed, the client’s builder engineered the pool house into the sloping natural landscape. To create a sensation of being surrounded by nature even while inside the pool house, we brought into the pool house interior, the natural greens and blues from the expansive views of the pasture and bay outside. In the pool house a Nanawall wall of doors and beautiful stone looks out onto the pool and beyond. We continued this sensation of being one with nature even while inside the pool house by installing an organic table built from natural materials and using beautiful, neutral natural oak reeding on the back of the island and natural woven counter stools. For comfort and convenience we installed sectionals with pull out sleeping and TVs from every angle, so you can even watch your favorite programs from the pool!
For guest comfort, we designed and built a new bathroom, again with natural motif including Pom Franz on the wall paper, mirrors with natural woven textures, hand made subway tiles and ship lap walls.