Home Office and Study Spaces


The new normal is pushing us to look at how we use existing space and improve functionality for individuals, couples and students working from home. Margali and Flynn is ready, willing to design the perfect home office solution for you. We’re designing and building work and study spaces within the home that not only spark creativity and productivity for working professionals and school age children, but are functional and beautifully designed. Inspiring photos and art work, book collections, curtains and carpets, vintage or fun furniture … the room has to say YES to you.

The traditional den, library and home office space are now being re-imagined. Many rooms now serve double duty. Under utilized spaces like under a staircase can be the perfect study space or clerical cubby. A dedicated desk and cozy chair in the bedroom is now part of the new home office.  Basements with a wall of desks for kids to study together, or an attic Zoom Room can give family members space to create while adding value to your home.

We have a wide array of design ideas and solutions, from drop down desks to L shaped tables, custom counters tops and storage systems, bookcases and shelving, bins and baskets, that all add up to function and efficiency with style.


Home Office, Study Room, Zoom Room