Home Exteriors


The perfect place to make a great first impression is outside the home.  Contemporary or classic, traditional or modern, country or cape, your personal design statement starts at the front door.  Curb appeal is created by making decisions on numerous design details that work together.

We love to design home exteriors because the challenge is to showcase a home that looks great rain or shine, morning or night, in any season … the environment around the house is always changing but the personality of the home needs to remain consistent.  We have built homes from the ground up, added space and rooms to existing homes, or sometimes replaced dated details with a new look.  In some of our recent projects we added unique window grills, standing seam roofs, cedar shake siding and roofing, and even a custom copper cupola.

Landscaping and landscaping lighting have also changed the game.  Along with open space designs and extra large windows your home’s exterior makes a statement, even at night.

Backyards can be filled with fun …. spas, barbecues, exterior kitchens, pools and tennis courts …. game on.

Because we provide interior design and home furnishing services, we know that the home’s exterior and the interior must work together to continue the design esthetic. If you’ve come to Margali and Flynn to reach the full potential of your home’s exterior you’ve come to the right place.