One Company …

Three Core Services !


Our newest service is the design and construction of Luxury Homes.  Client services here are Concept to Completion and include town permits, design, planning, construction, interior finishes, and furnishing.

We’ve completed several of these projects on our carefully selected parcels or, feel free to acquire land or demolition property for us to build on. This process allows for complete control to your exact specifications.

Custom Luxury Spec Home
New Construction & Renovate Existing Homes


This service evolved from our interior design capabilities. Here clients come to us to either renovate or modernize their existing home, or to build and manage the construction of a home that they have designed with their own architect. Here our ability to navigate town codes, manage the construction schedule and bring in the necessary trade professionals is utilized by the client.  Frequently we provide interior design esthetics and purchase, delivery, and installation of furnishings.


For years interior design was at the core of our business, and to some it still is.  We have three onsite designers each educated in the profession. All our designers have over a decade in the profession with well over 100 projects completed.  Our clients know that we seek out the highest in quality products at competitive value. We bring your vision to fruition by our ability to understand your needs, and find the best design and product solutions to make it happen.

Brookville-2 Kitchen