Dining Rooms


Fancy and formal or cozy and comfortable, a Margali and Flynn dining room is designed to showcase your style and personality.  We feel it’s important to design a one of a kind space for each of our clients. Working together, we create a place where you can entertain family and friends and have interesting conversations and of course enhance the cuisine.  Since the dining room is used to host both formal dinner parties and, casual gatherings we carefully consider the seating and space required.

By collaborating with the homeowners, we select comfortable furniture, beautiful mood lighting, unique artwork, flooring, window treatments and beautiful color schemes. These furnishings compliment each other to create a room where friends and family feel special.  We know during holidays and family milestones, unforgettable moments and memories are made in the dining room.

A well-designed dining room should work well with the rest of the house.  Whether it’s a modern an open-concept home or a more traditional design, it should work seamlessly with the kitchen and living room.


Dining Room Design