Home Bars and Wine Cellars


We love designing home bars and wine rooms because they provide a fun place to showcase unique designs. Everything is on the table … glitter and glamor, wall coverings on ceilings, distinctive art, surprising colors, unique seating arrangements, home theaters, wow lighting, mirrors and more.

The custom home bars we design and build are usually dedicated areas designed for entertainment and are a reflection of the home owners personality. Home bars can also create a welcome addition to a game room or basement space, or they can be as simple as a perfectly placed, beautiful and functional rolling cart.

There are many options to showcase and store your wine collection. For the wine connoisseur we create luxury wine cellars that include custom carpentry, specialty woods and the perfect climate control – temperatures between 40 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit at 70 percent humidity.

Some clients ask us to bring wine storage into the kitchen or to find a creative solution utilizing overlooked spaces like under a stairway.  There are many great options for wine storage including simple storage racks, pantry style wine closets, custom cabinets with pull out shelving solutions, and dedicated coolers and cubbies where wine can age.

While space and budgetary considerations vary, one thing is certain … we work extra hard so you can relax.


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