Sisal Wallpaper Installation

Wallpaper can give life to any room - it can add richness to the walls that cannot be easily achieved with paint. You don’t have to go bold -  as you can see in this photo we chose a calming Navy Sisal pattern which adds

Off and Running

Off and Running … The New Year is in full swing, and so is Margali and Flynn Designs. We concluded 2016 with the sale of our second “From The Ground Up” - Design, Build, and Decorate Spec Home. We’re now in the “Decorate” phase of

Bath & Kitchen in Progress

This Munsey Park client has a lot to celebrate with a new entry, staircases and kitchen. The open space entry design connects the foyer, 2nd floor and stairs to the finished basement for a seamless airy feel.  The walls have applied panel trim in a